You are not Alone!

About Us

Life can be difficult whether you are struggling with your day-to-day needs, having issues with your children or dealing with your mental, emotional and physical health. Things can become overwhelming, every now and then you may need a little help, we all do.

Here at Olive Tree Family Services, we are individuals, parents, and/or caregivers, who have overcome our own obstacles and because of those experiences we are dedicated to working with others on their own journey of recovery, resilience and growth.

We reflect the people we serve. We live in their communities and speak many of the languages represented there.

What We Do

Family Advocacy

Family Peer Advocates are credentialed parents and caregivers who have walked their own journey with their children involved in the various...

Skill Building

Skill Building services are an array of formal and informal activities and supports provided to youth experiencing social, emotional and/or behavioral...

Community Groups

Community Groups are offered to the families we serve and those in our community. These groups offer support, education, training, coaching...