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Olive Tree Family Services is excited to be providing vendor services in the System of Care. With our diverse staff we look forward to working with you to build plans of care that are unique, exciting and original.

Olive Tree Family Services will work with families and make sure they understand that they are an integral part of the process, and their needs are heard, understood and prioritized. Together we will create a share vision and begin working towards those goals. We are in this together!

Olive Tree is a one stop shop, where everyone is welcome regardless of race, color, ethicnicity and religion. All are welcome to be part of our community, and all are welcome to become part of our family. Olive Tree is a place where everyone can feel at home.

Our Vision

Our vision for olive tree is to make it a one stop shop for anybody that may need help, although we may not offer all of the services, they need we can set up a referral system and collaborate with other community agencies to help them find what they need. The name olive tree will always let people know that they are not alone.