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Aanika Nawar

Youth Skill Builder / Youth Skill Builder-Foreign Language /

Service Code: 5212 & 6212 |

Youth Skill Builder - Foreign Language (Bangla)

Aanika, a recent college graduate at the age of 22, is a first-generation Bengali Muslim woman with a degree in Fine Arts and Graphic Design. Her commitment to advocating for the significance of art in the lives of children is evident through her extensive experience working with kids aged 5-18 in after-school programs. Aanika serves as both an art teacher and mentor outside of the traditional school setting. Influenced by her roles as both a younger and older sister, she is deeply passionate about guiding and mentoring children, showing a keen understanding of their diverse situations. Aanika places high value on her tight-knit community of friends and family. Known for her attentive listening skills, she is dedicated to continual self-improvement and assisting those around her. Beyond her professional pursuits, Aanika engages in a diverse range of hobbies, including reading books, crafting poetry, cooking ethnic meals, playing sports, creating art, and actively participating in all the communities she belongs. In addition to her academic achievements, Aanika brings a wealth of interpersonal experiences that span diversity, inclusion, and cross-cultural understanding.