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Amanda Rogers

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Service Code: 5205 & 5212 |

Amanda is willing to travel throughout Erie County to support families. With over a decade of experience in community services and working with at-risk youth, she has benefited from various engagement trainings offered by different agencies, as well as learning from the families she has served. Additionally, she has a medical background and has worked with inpatients at Brylin. During her emergency rotation, she provided mental healthcare for forensic cases and had the opportunity to shadow and assist a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) provider.

Her close circle, her "Tribe," consists of friends she's met from around the world through shared music experiences or adventures. They maintain daily communication through a group chat. The ups, downs, and everything in between with these individuals have profoundly influenced her life for the better. Since formally training in MMA approximately 10 years ago, she has found an exceptional group of like-minded individuals, her "Squad," who continuously support and help her grow in all aspects of her life.