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Roshny Alam

Youth Skill Builder-Foreign Language / Youth Skill Builder /

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Youth Skill Builder - Foreign Language (Bangla)

A 22-year-old Muslim Bengali woman named Roshny pursued her studies in psychology and urban and public policy in college. Over the years, she has gained valuable experience working with children aged 7 to 14 in various settings, including summer camps, classrooms, after-school programs, and transition programs. Roshny is characterized by her outgoing and motivated nature, coupled with a deep passion for her work. Her community of friends and family holds great importance to her, as do home-cooked meals and the pursuit of knowledge. In her leisure time, Roshny enjoys reading both nonfiction and fiction books, listening to music, dancing, solving puzzles, visiting art museums, and exploring her neighborhood. Alongside her psychology degree, she holds a certificate in high fidelity wrap-around training and possesses knowledge in trauma-informed care, cross-cultural understanding, as well as social justice and inclusion.